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Plumbing Services.

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We offer multiple plumbing services from service calls to complete renovations.

Sometimes it can be as simple as replacing a dated fixture in your home.

The color scheme of a toilet or a design of a faucet can sometimes speak volumes when expressing the age of your home. Simple replacements of faucets and toilets can give your home a cleaner, updated look. At the same time that you are updating your fixtures, you can benefit from smoother operations and cost savings. With more and more plumbing fixtures meeting low flow standards in the industry, you can incorporate a new look while saving costs on your hydro bill.

Already satisfied with your current plumbing? Consider regular maintenance.

A little bit of friction and time will wear on your plumbing appliances and fixtures. Checks of supply lines and drain pipes a couple of times a year is the simplest chore you can do to protect yourself from future problems and possible damage to your home. Slow leaks from water supply lines and drips from drain pipes that are not dealt with can result in damaged cabinets, ruined floors, and in some cases, burst pipes.

In a lot of cases aware homeowners notice signs of problems when small puddles of water are found underneath fixtures or drops of water are hanging from water pipes. Acting sooner rather than later to solve these problems is much cheaper. Water leaks do not go away. In some cases pools of water that disappear are just leaks that found different places to travel to.

When worn out plumbing appliances and fixtures need to be replaced, we can help.

We can replace your failing electric or gas hot water tanks, cracked toilets, chipped sinks, or leaking faucets. In well taken care of situations, washers, cartridges, or other parts that can be replaced or serviced can be done without replacing entire units.

Additionally, we will always point out to you when options are available to upgrade or improve existing plumbing appliances and fixtures in your house. Or, we will make a note of things for you to consider fixing or replacing in the future if there are signs that something needs attention.

We can also improve the overall functioning of your plumbing with simple service calls.

Drain cleaning is one of the most common service calls that we receive. A slow draining sink or bathtub is usually the result of heavy use (or years of use) and the build up of debris in the piping.  Drain cleaning services offer a chance to improve the function of your plumbing fixtures.

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