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Heating Services.

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We offer multiple heating services from service calls to regular maintenance.

One of the most neglected parts of your home can be the heating system. Tucked in the closet under the stairs or in a room out in the garage, your heating system can easily be forgotten about.

Riley Plumbing offers servicing to check for failing parts and dirty burners that not only affect the quality of operation of your heating system, but the cost of running these appliances as well.

Consider our furnace maintenance program.

A furnace maintenance program is a great yearly investment. Yearly servicing can prevent problems such as squeaky blower motor bearings, dirty burners, worn thermocouples, or electrical shorts. The replacement of furnace air filters will not only improve the quality of air in your home but a cleaner filter will allow your furnace to not have to work harder to heat your home.

Do you have in-floor radiant heating or baseboard mounted heating?

Customers with in-floor hot water radiant heating or baseboard mounted hot water heating also need to be aware of the condition of their boilers. Dust and debris in the air can collect on the burners. This condition can affect the efficiency and overall running cost of a boiler system that is not maintained. A yearly inspection of your boiler for debris on the burners, noisy pumps, electrical and gas connections should be done. A well maintained heating appliance usually results in a quiet running appliance.

What about natural gas heating systems?

Other than electric baseboard heating, natural gas heating systems should always be serviced by a gas contractor like Riley Plumbing. We are trained professionals with gas piping and appliance knowledge and can safely check and service your gas appliance safely.

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