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Gas Services.

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We offer multiple gas services from adding new lines to servicing appliances.

From oil to electricity to natural gas, the evolution of heating options has continued. Today we have the luxury of using natural gas to heat our homes, our domestic water, and to cook our foods.

Whether you are improving your kitchen by adding a natural gas range or improving the atmosphere in your living room with a fireplace, adding another gas line to your home is easier than you think. Riley Plumbing can assist you with all of the steps needed in order to run a new line or upgrade an existing one to accommodate your natural gas fueled ideas.

Thinking about a natural gas barbecue, cook-top, and/or broiler?

The convenience of a natural gas barbecue box on your back patio will allow you to never worry about having to refill a propane tank again. Or having a natural gas cook-top and/or broiler for family meals can be made so much easier with the cooking power of a gas appliance.

What about accommodating another gas appliance in your home?

When an older home only offers a gas fueled furnace or hot water tank, accommodating another gas appliance can sometimes be quite painless. A walk-through of your home and a review of requirements can quickly show you your options for reaching your desired expectations.

If you already have natural gas appliances, consider our regular maintenance and repair services.

For homeowners with existing natural gas appliances such as furnaces or hot water tanks, Riley Plumbing can offer servicing to maintain or repair appliances requiring attention.

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